Titanic History

As salvor-in-possession to the wreck of Titanic, RMS Titanic, Inc. has been unwavering in its mission to tell the story of Titanic and all who sailed with her and preserve her legacy for future generations.

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Underwater Discovery

Learn more about discovery of the Titanic since 1985. View the video of the wreck site.

Titanic Artifacts

Learn more about the artifacts recovered from RMS Titanic. View photos of recovered artifacts, learn about conservation of these precious Titanic artifacts or check out some Frequently Asked Questions.

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Titanic in the Classroom

The story of Titanic has the ability to cross generational lines, and nearly 100 years later, still fascinates and inspires people of all ages – especially children. Bringing Titanic into the classroom can be a great catalyst for lessons in Science, History, Geography, English, Math and Technology.

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