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On Sat., Feb. 3, 1912 Titanic was moved to the Thompson Graving - or dry - dock so that the propellers could be fitted onto the Ship. Water was pumped into the dock, the Ship was floated in, and then the water pumped out again, leaving the Ship supported by struts.  #Titanic
February 17, 2014
A Look at the Experts RMS Titanic, Inc. was formed for the purpose of exploring the wreck of Titanic and its surrounding ocean areas; obtaining oceanographic material and scientific data; and using the data and retrieved artifacts for historical verification, scientific education and public awareness. Serving as the exclusive salvor in possession of the wreck site, RMS Titanic, Inc. is comm...
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Father Thomas R. Byles - Titanic
December 17, 2013
Second class passenger Father Thomas R. Byles was born in Yorkshire on February 26, 1870, under the name Roussel Davids Byles. He was the eldest of the seven children born to Louisa Davids and Alfred Holden Byles, a businessman and congregational minister from a Protestant family. Though he was raised Protestant, Father Byles struggled with his faith, and while attending school in Oxford, England ...
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Titanic 1st Class Menu
November 27, 2013
The wonder and opulence for which Titanic was known extended far past her exterior and modern amenities and on to the delicious food that was served. With over 6,000 meals prepared daily for the 2,228 passengers and crew members on board, the Ship’s meals were more delectable than ever before. Everything from menu selection, to the table settings to the what guests wore were all eloquently tho...
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September 06, 2013
From first-class notables to members of the crew, many have honored those whose lives were lost as Titanic sank over 101 years ago by sharing their stories. A story that resonates is that of the eight brave musicians who played until the Ship sank, calming those on board with the sounds of popular and classical songs as well as hymns like ‘Nearer, My God, to Thee.’ ...
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August 29, 2013
Much like viewers marveled at Titanic’s luxury and magnificence prior to its sinking, many people today find just as much splendor in the discoveries surrounding the ‘Ship of Dreams.’ From artifacts, to pieces of the Ship itself, each discovery brings new insight into the passengers on board and the stories some never lived to tell. After years of combing the deep sea, ...
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