RMS Titanic, Inc, a subsidiary of Premier Exhibitions, Inc. serves as the exclusive steward of RMS Titanic which tragically sank on April 15, 1912.  The Company is dedicated to preserving the legacy of the Ship, wreck site and all her passengers and crew through...
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Stories From The Titanic

On Sat., Feb. 3, 1912 Titanic was moved to the Thompson Graving - or dry - dock so that the propellers could be fitted onto the Ship. Water was pumped into the dock, the Ship was floated in, and then the water pumped out again, leaving the Ship supported by struts.  #Titanic
February 17, 2014
A Look at the Experts
A Look at the Experts RMS Titanic, Inc. was formed for the purpose of exploring the wreck of Titanic and its surrounding ocean areas; obtaining oceanographic material and scientific data; and using the data and retr...
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Father Thomas R. Byles - Titanic
December 17, 2013
Second class passenger Father Thomas R. Byles
Second class passenger Father Thomas R. Byles was born in Yorkshire on February 26, 1870, under the name Roussel Davids Byles. He was the eldest of the seven children born to Louisa Davids and Alfred Holden Byles, a busi...
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